Wolves Youth Athletic Association

Est. 2013

2014 Football and Cheerleading Registration

Registration Fees:

  • $125 per player 

 Registration Forms:

In order for your child to participate we need your completed registration and waiver forms, please click BOTH links below to download your own to complete prior to arriving at the field.

Registration Form

Waiver of Liability

Please be aware you need one form for each child participating.

Forms cannot be submitted online, they must be directly handed to the Wolves.

Volunteer Opportunities

Building a strong community is not a task for just a few people. It is a takes the work of a whole team. We currently need volunteers in many areas:

Fundraising Comittee

Concessions Manager (and staff)

Banquet Committee

Cheerleading Coach

Equipment Manager

Risk Manager

Security Manager (and comittee)

Team Managers

Team Moms

Academics Comittee

Public Relations Manager


Compliance Manager

Legal Advisor

Coach Selection and Recruitment Committee

Fields and Facilities Committee

Also if you have something you can add to the organization, we welcome your ideas, please contact us.


Coaches Wanted:

Our Comittment to our Team and Community

The Wolves Youth Athletic Organization is dedicated to your children and providing a better community. We strive to be only a positive influence in the live of our team and their families. Because of that, each of us has undergone a Pennsylvania State Criminal Background Check and Child Abuse Clearance. We will be asking that each of our volunteers do the same. 

There are two steps in the process:

1. PA Criminal Background Check:

Please go to this website and complete the online form. You will receive confirmation and clearance, please print this form THREE times, once for your records, once for ours, and a third time for the next step. 

Click for PA Access to Criminal History

2. PA Child Abuse History Clearance

Please download and print and complete this form as it states in the instructions. You can either photo copy your completed forms, AND the completed money order and submit to the Wolves, or bring the completed forms AND money order to a member of the Wolves' Board

We ask for this because this clearance can take 6 - 8 weeks to return. You are permitted to participate while waiting for this to return.

Once you do receive this clearance in the mail, we need a copy for our records.

This form is a little long and tedious. After completing it, save a copy for yourself to save you time in the future.

Click for PA Child Abuse Clearance Form

This clearances each expired after one year. You will need to resubmit next year if you plan on volunteering again. 

Payment of Fees

We're trying to offer you flexable payment options. Fees can be paid in person with cash, money order, or credit card (sorry, no personal checks). 

You may pay online via PayPal. Please be aware, PayPal charges us for every payment made, and we MUST pass this charge on to you for all type of credit card payments (in person and via the web). Each fee paid on the web will have a $5.00 fee added, which appears as a "shipping cost". This covers the cost of us being able to offer the PayPal service to you. After making a payment via the web, please save a copy of the confirmation so we can be sure to credit to your child. If possible please give your child's name in the "instructions" on the PayPal form, to help us make sure we credit your child with the payment.

$25 Web Payment

$50 Web Payment

$75 Web Payment

$100 Web Payment

$175 Web Payment