Wolves Youth Athletic Association

Est. 2013


The Wolves Youth Athletic Association (WYAA) mission is to help develop a love and appreciation in all sports in our players. To teach valuable lessons to our young scholar athletes that will prepare them for life. We will provide the scholar athletes with well-trained coaches and leadership that believes in the structure of expanding character within them and their community. Creating a positive, peaceful and encouraging environment while maintaining accountability, respectability and responsibility with discipline is our approach for all who is committed to the purpose. We will strive for perfect fundamentals for leaders, coaches, players, volunteers and the community with understanding and forgiveness to bond our program to be competitive in every aspect of our organization. Our goals are to build character, enhance critical thinking, encourage civility, community awareness and development and promote great sportsmanship and charity. All efforts are directed to lessons our children can utilize on and off the playing field. The structure of the Mighty Wolves recognizes the methodology that developing the principles of accountability; respectability and responsibility are mutually inclusive to winning.


Our organization acknowledges the fact, that a Wolves’ athlete is a more elite athlete, who arises at the cutting edge of battle. By land, sea or air we will overcome our adversaries. The Wolves’ organization expects me to move further, faster and fight harder than any other athlete on and off the field.



(Of Our Own Accord)

Developed in the minds of strong leaders, who desired to establish a structure of discipline with the principles of accountability, responsibility and respectability. Thinking critically is our group effort to utilize the format of curiosity, skepticism and humility.